Interest rates are down, prices are down, I'm in a decent financial position, and my current plans are to stay in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for at least several years. I've been toying with the idea of buying a house for 3-5 years, but in the past year I've been a little more serious, and now I have a contract on a house that will close in mid-April.

So I'm a single guy moving from a one-bedroom 750 sq ft apartment to a 3-bedroom, 2½-bath, 2-living area 1928 sq ft house with a 2-car garage, covered driveway, two extra boat/rv concrete pads and storage shed. The apartment suddenly feels small.

In 2010 I spent a few months on a project that was overnight work, so I was in-town but working odd hours. Then for a couple of months this year I was traveling again. So I haven't really settled into a routine of any sort.