For the past 1-3 months I've had no routine, and there is no routine in sight for the next month. I spent three weeks of December traveling for my previous project, but that should be over now. Then there were holidays, and on-call for me including working 11 hours on New Year's Day, throw in a couple of weeks on-site with another client, and now two weeks of vacation and a week of out-of-state training are coming up.

My savings goals were recently fulfilled, so with all the change happening I am at a point in my life where I have no short-term or medium term goals and no routine. Sometimes I feel a little lost or like I'm failing at something, but then I realize I'm pretty much where I want to be and just need to get used to being home again. For the past two years home has been where I wash clothes, replenish toiletries, visit family, repack for the next week and try to rest before leaving again. So I need to get used to keeping the place cleaned up and then getting out and enjoying myself more. It's funny how you can forget how to do that after a year or two.