I passed my Server+ exam today, so I'm CompTIA Server+ certified now!

I had scheduled the test for Sunday, but this morning I was consistently acing the practice tests and getting tired of the same question set. And I had a certain confidence, so rather than random book studying for the next 24 hours I called the test center to see if I could take the test now. 30 minutes later I was sitting at the test station and starting my test.

Server+ demands a lot of specific knowledge, and I was running into two problems. In some cases they wanted pedantic specific knowledge (of ATA and SCSI specs in particular, they wanted cable lengths, connector types, data transfer speeds and termination/master-slave info), and in other cases I disagreed with their answers because I had experience that told me otherwise. For the specifics I was lacking in the practiced tests I went over the various tables of info.

During the practice tests I learned what type of indoctrination I should have to offer the correct answers. In particular there are many projects that run on Unix/Linux to integrate with Windows, but the Server+ exam is from the perspective of the core OS vendor products. Sure you can put a Samba WINS server or use several flavors of RDP clients on Unix/Linux and X, but the answer to the Server+ exam is NOT to use RDP to configure a Windows box from Unix. I also learned what they were getting at when using certain words or topics, like if they mention differential backups the answer is not to worry about tape restore order even though you have two tapes and have to resture the full backup first and then the differential or else it's not going to work as expected. When they mention tape order they are thinking of incremental, even though tape order is a concern both ways, it's a matter of context I guess. Tape order is an incremental problem (from Server+'s view), and archive bits are a differential problem.

Anyway, I'm happy.

Now I have to pursue some vendor certifications to be more versatile for my current employer, and I'm interested in Network+ and MCDST because I think I can pass them with minimal review studying. After that I may pick from MCSA or MCSE tests and the MCDBA tests.