I'm fairly embarrassed to say that I'm still not working. I've had no less than three situations where I was fairly certain I had the job, but I barely missed out to another candidate on two occasions and was passed over for a lesser candidate on another because the hiring manager was afraid the work was beneath me and that I'd leave after a few months.

The unexpected upside of this is that I have three separate recruiters who've seen that I'm hirable after comments from the client and who are now motivated to place me because of the positive client comments.

I had an interview this afternoon and one scheduled for tomorrow morning. A third recruiter has talked to me about several different jobs and appears to keep changing his mind on which to submit me to, but there is action there.

I feel pretty good about today's interview and hope to do well in the morning, too.

In other news, baseball-sized hail pounded my car Friday making lots of dents and shattering the rear window. I managed to get the rear window replaced today. I'll have to see what my options are on the dents as I haven't made a claim on my comprehensive insurance before. Luckily the tornadoes veered south of me.