Interesting. I just read that my old company is capping traditional pensions. If I interpret this correctly, this means that anyone in the older defined benefit pension plan will be forced into the new defined contribution plan in 2008. I wonder why they gave us a choice a year or two ago if they were going to force hands later, anyway?

Doesn't make a difference to me. If I were to rehire I would only have the option of the new pension, anyway. At least it looks like my old pension is still secure and its main enemy is the ravages of inflation between now and when I retire as it's not cost-of-living adjusted.

Oh, as long as I'm posting I should update.

I'm rather embarrassed to say I'm not working yet. At first it was fun, then there was a lot of family drama, then it was holidays, but I really ran out of excuses in January and I still have no job. I've been looking more and had about 4 jobs I thought I had a really good shot at, including one last week where it was between me and one other guy, but they hired the other guy.

I hear I'm getting rave reviews from my references, so thank you all. For most of the jobs I've missed it seems like my problem was that I wasn't in the first round of interviews. Last week I'm not sure what happened, but it may have been a price issue as I was actually working through two agencies, so the bill rate must've been high and they really wanted a lackey to do menial work while they were handling more urgent matters. But they wanted a lackey who could be productive techically later. I'm guessing the other guy was a lot cheaper.