I redid my resume and got it on a couple of job sites. My sister emailed it to her list of recruiters. I got a call yesterday from a recruiter and interviewed with them today. They have a client with a job that sounds right up my alley, so hopefully I'll get an interview on that.

The job boards are certainly much more encouraging than they were when I was out of work in 2000. Back then I saw really no jobs like the one I had. Now I see many jobs that sounds very much like what I did in Indy, and for the same salary range. My brother-in-law also has stories of how tough the 2000-2001 job market was.

My new girl is really cheerleading me on in the job hunt, so I guess I can't slack off anymore. She's trying to be cute and subtle and not overbearing about it, but she's persistent. I can see how she might rather have a guy with a job and a place over a guy with no job staying at his mom's.