Things have gone nuts since last update. To summarize, some family skeletons in the closet are the center of a new rift in the extended family. Granddad's still around, but I'm not seeing as much of him. He's been in and out of the hospital, but he should probably be in a skilled nursing facility until he recovers some strength, but the other side of the rift hasn't asked my opinion on that.

I've spent much of my time in escapist stress-relieving activities (TV and computer, mostly) and listening to other family members vent their issues. I really should have done more job hunting, but I didn't.

Still, this is much easier living close to it than being 900 miles away and have all this happening. My savings is dwindling, though.

On the bright side of things my niece and nephew and that part of the family are are doing peachy and cute and we're having a grand old time.

Also I just this week started dating a friend of my sister's, so I'm suddenly very eager to find a job and get my own place again.

I haven't checked into the AFW gig in about a month, and we're now in the "4 - 6 week" window they mentioned for hiring somebody, so I guess I need to bug those guys again. I just started redoing my resume to layout better in different formats and emphasize my Windows admin experience. I've been contacted about NetWare stuff, and I don't really want to focus my career in that direction. And I don't want prospective AD-based employers saying "oh, he's a Novell guy" while tossing the resume aside.