I spent most every night of the past three weeks at the hospital with granddad, but reality is calling and I'll need a job soon. Also I'm feeling ready to have a normal life again.

Granddad is still in the hospital. We thought we were going to lose him over Labor Day weekend, but he got over that hurdle. At the moment he's doing well mentally and recovering some physically and starting multiple myeloma treatment, but I don't know how long he'll be in the hospital, if he'll be able to go home upon getting out or needing to go to a skilled nursing facility, and I don't know how long he has overall or what quality of life he'll have. I'm hoping for another year or two of more-or-less normal ability and quality, but the doctors aren't saying at the moment.

I'm really glad I quit when I did instead of waiting longer. It's a joy to watch my nephew grow so quickly at this early age, and I'm really glad I've been able to help the family in the granddad crisis. I would feel lost if I were in Indy the past month. Taking three months off work doesn't sound too smart, but in retrospect I couldn't have seen it work out better any other way. Additionally, flying back home periodically would have become an even bigger pain in the butt with the new restrictions; I'm really glad I don't need to fly to visit family these days.

After looking around on Monster.com and Computerjobs.com I'm feeling pretty good about my options and see several jobs that sound intriguing, within my experience and paying near what I want to be paid. AFW lost a guy last month as expected, and they want to hire before peak, so they should contact me formally in the next 4-6 weeks. I like a lot about the AFW job, but if I get a good job before then I'll stick with it. The AFW gig isn't guaranteed for me, but it still feels good to know it's there if the job search doesn't produce results in the next month.