I'm surprised to see it's almost three months.

I didn't get the bank job. I haven't heard anything about the AFW job, but I haven't checked in lately. I really should have checked into that and started serious job hunting, but my granddad had severe pain all last week and some before and was hospitalized Friday.

Long story short is it's multiple myeloma. It's in his left shoulder blade and in his bone marrow. The oncologist says it's very treatable, though, and with pills and without losing hair and such.

Anyway, I've spent much of the last week or two helping him out and pretty much all my waking time since Friday at the hospital as he doesn't do well alone at the hospital so we're trying to stay with him around the clock.

I'm glad I moved back when I did so I could be available to help. I just didn't expect to be needed quite this soon. Hopefully he'll be back to normal in a week or two, but I'm still anxious.