Man, time is flying. Still not much developing on the AFW gig, and I'm not actively looking for work although I should be. However, a company called me from my resume, and I had an interview Wednesday. I was woefully underprepared as I've had my mind off of work for two months and had too much family coming and going to review effectively, but I think things went well anyway, and I got the feeling they want to hire me. I should find out next week.

It's a commercial bank with 10 or so branches, a couple of which are on each coast so I'd have some travel opportunities. It sounds right up my alley except for my lack of experience with banking, but they didn't seem to be worried about that as long as I'm willing to learn. This position could be higher profile than the AFW gig and may be more marketable, and it's a small business so my projects could affect the whole company instead of just my local coworkers and users. I also wonder if the size of the bank and the customer base could lead to network opportunities and small consulting jobs on the side. Anyway, it sounds interesting and I'm hopeful.