I can't belive a month has gone by. On the other hand, Indianapolis seems like a long time ago now.

I haven't heard much on the AFW job...still mostly waiting. I should've probably gone to lunch with my buddy this week, but my day/night schedule is off-kilter from the rest of the world right now.

I'm way too busy for a job it seems. I haven't even done all the things I expected to get done in the first week, like some of the car paperwork and visiting all of the extended family and contacting my old work buddies here. I need to find time for that stuff, but my niece and nephew are occupying a lot of my time...no complaints there. I've also put a bunch of time and muscle into dejunking and cleaning Mom's house. The garage (enclosed, carpeted and finished) is a new room now with my stacks of entertainment electronics in it. We now have two big high-definition TVs going.

I'm going through money a bit faster than I'd like, but I still have a few thousand readily available, and hopefully the AIC bonus will be at least as big as last year.

I thought I had a date a couple of weeks ago. A manager at Fuddruckers was being overly nice specifically to me, caught me for a conversation before I left and gave all sorts of other signals like touching and so forth. She stopped just short of physically tackling me, but when I asked her out she said she was dating somebody. Weird stuff. She even threw in "if it doesn't work out...". I'm not holding my breath, though.

Tomorrow I'm leaving to visit my Dad for the week in New Mexico. My sister and nephew are coming along. (My niece is with her mother for a couple of weeks.) Dad and we have a rather distant relationship, and he has shown less interest than I'd expect in his first an only grandson, less than I'd expect about his daughter's husband and grandson's father, and he's shown absolutely no interest in his daughter's stepdaughter which is a very important part of her life. Anyway, we haven't seen him in a while, and I had more or less planned on driving out there between jobs, but my sister actually brought it up. I'm not sure what spurred her, but here we go.

After I get back I should probably start job hunting. I don't really want a job right now, but I will need an income in the next few months. I'm hoping for the AFW job, but I shouldn't let myself count on it.