Everyone's been asking me why I'm quitting, usually adding something like "are you just fed up?" It's not like that at all. I love to gripe about work, but if it was all good then they wouldn't have to pay me to do it. But as much as I gripe, really I've had a good situation the past 5 years in Indy.

It really is family reasons. I have some new family back home, and other family that was out of state for school now back at home, and the older folks aren't getting any younger. The past year or two I've been flying back as often as every other week, but it's been getting more and more difficult to fly with my discounts. The summer travelers make it extra difficult, and I haven't been able to fly discount without getting bumped in 3-4 months now.

It's good economic news for the airlines that they're at or near capacity with revenue passengers, but it's not good news for us standby travelers.

Now, why am I moving without having a job lined up? Well, I don't have a good answer for that. I kept hoping something with the company would open up, and I even thought they might make a move when I turned in my resignation, but that hasn't happened. But it really boils down to that I hate job hunting, and I won't do it unless I have to, and now I have to.